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Working together with clients in an open, transparent manner to produce and implement innovative, effective and relevant sales and marketing solutions.



Being passionate about demonstrating focused customer care and support and seeking to proactively exceed client expectations in business and personal development.



Results are not guaranteed-they have to be worked for. By doing the right things, at the right time with passion and purpose then success will follow.

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PRISM Vet Marketing is an integrated Sales and Marketing consultancy specialising in Veterinary Healthcare. It offers the skills, experience and expertise to provide relevant marketing solutions and deliver enhanced sales results. Its integrated approach adds synergy to specific sales and marketing efforts and produces sustained improvement in business performance and development.

PRISM Vet Marketing offers a full range of marketing consultancy services such as Branding, Strategy and Planning, Digital Marketing, Multi Media, Client Communication, Design and Print, Web Sites and much more.

In addition it also offers stand alone or integrated Sales expertise and training to ensure that the adopted “ Marketing solutions” are effectively carried out and that the necessary “Will and Skill” is provided to ensure compliance and deliver sustained improvements in business performance.

PRISM Vet Marketing produces relevant, pragmatic and expert marketing solutions to fully satisfy individual veterinary practice needs by a bespoke partnership based approach.

PRISM Vet Marketing provides the necessary “Will and Skill” elements and training to ensure that sales solutions are devised and implemented to maximise the opportunities created by Marketing.

PRISM Vet Marketing adds synergy by integrating specific sales and marketing efforts and helps bring about sustained improvement in business performance and development.

“Thank you for your support and efforts in aiding and pushing me towards winning the BESMA. If it was not for your constant support and encouragement I feel that I would not have achieved it. Your structure, guidance and advice that you give in such a fantastic manner, has been an inspiration.

I really like the way you guide people through to achieve their personal goals rather than dictating how you would have done it. You allow people to understand the situation and guide them to find their own style with dealing with the problem and go out of your way to achieve this”.

Andi (Collins) Jacques BESMA Winner, Sales Professional of The Year-2009-2010